• How the cryonics is more science fiction than serious science


    Cryonics  means freezing  legally-dead people to liquid nitrogen temperature to stop physical decay. In the hope that future technology will exist to revive the bodies/ patients (in cryonics center) and will heal the damaged tissues and restore to full physical and mental health.

    Cryopreservation (at 130`c ), is done, in  an attempt to preserve enough brain information to permit the future revival of the cryopreserved patients.

    cryonicsHow does it work?

    1. Once pronounced dead by doctors, within 1-2 mins the cryonics procedures should be started. The body should be attached to a cardio-pulmonary respirator to prevent decay of the cells.
    2. The body is allowed to cool to around 10 C (which takes 2-3hrs) and then blood replaced with a cryoprotectant fluid( a form of antifreeze) to prevent the formation of ice inside the body during the freezing process .
    3. Over the course of 3-4 Days, the body is placed in a waterproof bag and gradually cooled down to -70C, using dry ice.
    4. The body packed in a container of dry ice, is flown to one of the three storage facilities in the world where it is cooled to -196C and stored in a Vat of Liquid Nitrogen. (In the theory,the freezing of a deceased person to stop tissues from decomposing; the body is preserved until new medical cures are developed that might bring the person back to life)

    Professor Barry Fuller said, “Cryopreservation is a remarkable technology, which allows us to store living cells, almost indefinitely, at ultra-low temperatures”. At present, it is only possible to successfully cryo-preserve the cells and tissues such as blood, sperms, and embryos, but not a whole human body.

    Progress in stem cell tissue regeneration, 3D biological printers, and other advanced technologies  has convinced experts that when these technologies  get matured, cryopreserved patients might get  revived  in a healthy and youthful state.

    Companies in cryopreservation are  Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona and Cryonics Institute in Michigan. KrioRus located near Moscow.

    The first person to be cryonically frozen was James Bedford, an American academic, in 1967.

    Hoping that this new technology could save lives of people as in Science it is believed that “never say never in science “.but there is a little chance of cheating death based on current knowledge.

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