• WHO Report Questions Indian Doctors Medical Qualification

    A recent report published by WHO-2001 Census data raises a question mark on Indian Healthcare work forces. Published on July 4, the study titled The Health Workforce in India describes the “nature of health workforce inequalities” in the country and provides much needed insight into the many challenges faced by India.

    According to the report, 57.3% of India’s allopathic doctors do not have medical qualifications and 31.4% were educated only up to secondary school level. The condition was far inferior in rural India, where just 18.8% of allopathic doctors had a medical qualification.

    Besides this, report confirms that, 81.2% doctors in rural India do not have a medical qualification. This can be major reason for high mortality rate due to infections or during child’s delivery especially in rural India.

    Report adds that, among allopathic doctors, 67.2% females had medical qualifications compared to the 37.7% males. It depicts that women health worker like nurses are better at their clinical aspects compared to men.

    In case of dentistry practices in India, out of the 593 districts in the country, 58 districts had no dentists at all, while 175 districts had no dentists with a medical qualification. Also 88 districts had no dentists with more than secondary schooling. This lack of dentistry practices in India highlights lack of importance of dental health among Indian people.

    Dr. AV Jayakrishnan, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Anti-Quackery set up by the Indian Medical Association says “The government has made no attempts to curb quackery (Jholachaps doctors)”.

    So, time has come to raise voice against Quacks clinical practitioners and make Indian Government aware about our failed report card issued by WHO. However, it is 15 years old census data, so Indian government should issue new census data so that up gradation in Indian Healthcare work forces becomes more transparent to the world.

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