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The demand for diagnostic and imaging services in radiology is growing rapidly across the Globe which has highlighted two issues: the lack of specialty expertise and the lack of adequate staff for providing interpretative coverage . Somewhat, these problems can be overcome by utilizing robust communication and image transfer systems (via internet) to draw on the expertise of distantly located radiologists. This process whereby images are transferred to distant located radiologists for the purpose of interpretation and diagnosis is termed teleradiology.

Thus, we can say Teleradiology is a branch of telemedicine in which telecommunication systems are used to transmit radiological health related images from one place to another. Interpretation of all noninvasive imaging studies, Viz; CT, MRI, digitized x-rays, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine studies, can be carried out in such a manner.


The earliest efforts in teleradiology probably date back to 1929, when dental x-rays were transmitted with the help of telegraph to a distant location. An early attempt at using the Web in an emergency medical situation describes the use of digital cameras to take clinical photographs and scanners to scan radiographs, conversion of the resulting digital images to a JPEG format using Adobe Photoshop, and then transmission via the Internet.

Today, digitized images are transmitted around the globe via high-speed telecommunication links on a regular basis.

Need for teleradiology

Teleradiology took birth partly due to the imbalance between the demand and availability of diagnostic services. The high demand for radiology services in places such as USA, UK, and Singapore often could not be fulfilled by the number of available in-house healthcare professionals.

One more reason for the growth of teleradiology is that most parts of rural and semiurban areas in India do not have good diagnostic services and radiologists. With the help of teleradiology, this paucity can be overcome by using the help of experienced radiologists in the bigger centers in the tier-I,tier-II cities. Also, even in the Tier-II,Tier-III cities, not all Diagnostic/imaging centers have subspecialty expertise; difficult cases in specific areas of radiology can be sent to experts for their opinion.

Teleradiology Services in India

The practice of teleradiology in India came a decade ago. The first successful use of teleradiology in India was in 1996 by Dr Jankharia Diagnostic Centre (a private-sector imaging,) center located in Mumbai. A simple system for transferring images from the diagnostic/ imaging center to the homes of the radiologists was set up, primarily, to report emergency CT scans.

In 1997,the first public demonstration of teleradiology in practice was made by Siemens at the Annual Congress of the Indian Radiology and Imaging Association (IRIA), where they demonstrated the transfer of radiological images from a Siemens AR.C scanner to the conference site. Afterwards, Wipro GE demonstrated teleradiology capabilities for their entire range of scanners.

National teleradiology

The following are the main issues affecting the growth of teleradiology in India :


Radiology studies in India are priced low, and centers can find it difficult to afford the services of teleradiologists.

Quality issues:

Many rural and semiurban centers have not qualified radiologists, but they do not mind the lack of quality reporting and often leave it to the referring clinicians to read the images themselves.

Currently, the use of teleradiology within the country is limited to practices with multiple centers transferring images to each other or to a central hub.

Hi Teleradilogy outsource teleradiology services.

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International outsourcing

India has distinct advantages when it comes to teleradiology; Viz;.


Typically,an MRI cost in India is Rs. 6000 (approx. 150 USD), performed on a state-of-the-art scanner. The professional fee component is typically 10-15%, i.e., 15–25 USD. At these cost-effective rates, having an Indian radiologist report outsourced scans can offer a significant monetary advantage.

Cheap labor:

The salary of an Indian radiologist working in the field of CT and MRI, 5 years post-MD (Indian board certification), would usually be close to or less than Rs. 2 lakhs per month (i.e., approximately 5000 USD per month or 60,000 USD per year); on the contrary a comparably qualified radiologist in USA would be earning 350,000 USD (approx.) per year.

Time difference:

The time difference between the USA and India is also a distinct advantage, especially for nighthawk services. When it is night in the USA, it is daytime in India; this means that it would be possible for an Indian radiologist, working during the daytime, to interpret images with better quality and a greater accuracy than would the US radiologist in his night shift hours.

Hi Impact provides Teleradiology Services or teleradiology solutions to the Diagnostic Centres,Hospitals,Medical Colleges,Clinical Research (CRO) and outsource teleradiology services or outsourcing teleradiology reporting of Hospitals.

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Teleradiology Services offered at Hi Impact

Hi Teleradiology brings you teleradiology solutions & Services, providing 24x7x365 access to our highly qualified AMR/ABR Certified radiologists through a HIPAA Compliant Software. At Hi Impact, we offer cost-effective radiology solutions for our partners (domestic or international) without compromising the quality of the reports. Our motto is to meet the unique needs of each one of our clients, ultimately improving quality of care for patients.

Hi Impact Consultants Pvt Ltd is the largest recruitment solution firm in healthcare along with other services like TeleRadiology, Referral Sales and Training for Soft Skills, Quality and NABH accreditation engaged in the business of working with organizations, primarily in healthcare, to understand and meet the requirements imperative in the ever changing and growing Industry.

Our endeavour is to provide the best quality services at the best price. Since 2011, Hi Impact has provided staffing solutions to both Hospitals and Medical Colleges. Our seamless network, time-proven processes, leadership assessments and broad expertise combine to ensure our clients maintain a competitive advantage through their people. We are currently working with around 250+ Hospitals in the country and around 75+ Private Medical Colleges.

We are a Venture Capitalist funded Company and we are in the process of expanding our business horizon throughout the world with our value added services viz; Tele-Radiology. The stupendous success that the company has achieved in such a short span reflects its strong commitments unwavering and dedication.

We assure you that we can provide the best solution for your radiology requirements.

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Software Features

We have one of the best software customized by us to provide uninterrupted and fast service to our clients. The salient features of the software are as follows:

The software is HIPPA compliant and HL7 compliant.

  • The software is FDA approved. Patient information is totally sacrosanct.
  • The software is very efficient and can load images also when the bandwidth is below 2MPBS.
  • The uploading time for the studies from the client end is very less. About 5 mins for a CT study to be loaded.
  • The downloading time about 2 mins at the reporting end. So the images open very fast and reporting can be done fast.
  • The reporting module is incorporated within the software.
  • The report generated at the end is a PDF file.
  • Automatic directional data transfer of patient information is possible- we get notification for every report generated on the email.
  • The software can be accessed from the mobile Ipad.
  • Measurements of HU, window change and distance measurement are very simply done.
  • MPR facility is available in the software.

Our Expertise

We are reliably fast, consistently accurate and give excellent technical support in a given time frame.

  • Excellent turnaround time.
  • Technical support system with no breakdown.
  • Call responded personally & immediately.
  • Reporting done by experienced Gold medalist radiologist.
  • Reported 6, 00,000 + X-Ray till date.
  • Reported 5, 00,000 + CT & MRI till date.
  • Attractive pricing.
  • Formats of the reports as per your need with no extra cost.

Team of Radiologist

The reports are read by expert and gold medalist radiologist. Studies are preread by 1st group of radiologist. Post read by 2nd Team of Radiologist. Final confirmed and sent to client via software after signing report in PDF form. Thus, assuring good quality of reports when accuracy is vital. Quality of the reports generated are of international standard.

Our team consists of 5 to 10 yrs experienced radiologist doctors with excellent academic back ground-lot of paper presentations, posters and academic work done in national and international conferences.

Hi Tele Radiology: Work Flow

Why Choose Hi Teleradiology

We ensure that your patients get nothing but the best with respect to radiology reporting.

  • Over a decade of experience in Teleradiology, yet a boutique experience.
  • Strong QA process
  • Strong technology. Teleradiology workflow platform to support services
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to your individual needs.
  • Strong client credentials and references.
  • We partner with you to enable your healthcare business to grow



The quality of reports is excellent, and the team has been extremely responsive to our needs for communication. Operational and clinical questions are answered quickly by a real person who is genuinely concerned about delivering the highest quality service. The start-up process is seamless, and I have never seen a team of radiologist gets credentialed suggestive of quickly.

Dr.Matin Parkar Md Parkar Hospital (Ratnagiri)

Their reads are timelier, more detailed and more comprehensive than what we enjoyed before. They have helped us push for higher quality care. Their radiologists have worked with us both clinically and administratively: on imaging protocols, workflow to compare prior studies and the like - with the bottom line being improvement to our patients' care. Any workflow obstacles are dealt with promptly and professionally. We are very satisfied and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Dr. Santosh kulgod (MBBS) Miraj- Aaditya Diagnostic Centre

We are very satisfied and strongly recommend them.

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